_X2A2373We care deeply about where food comes from and how it is farmed and prepared.

The Andersen Cacao Creations journey started in 2010 out of our passion for sustainable organic food and our love of chocolate. Like most people, we were not aware of how healthy chocolate can be until attending a raw chocolate workshop, which inspired us to share the knowledge and understanding of raw cacao’s qualities.

Our expanding range of products and ingredients all come from certified organic, sustainably run farms and are fair-trade sourced. (LINK to ingredients). Our products are hand-made from pure ingredients without any additives and the process and packaging preserve the nutritional value. The result is artisan organic products that taste great.

We take great pride in being an environmentally aware company. Where possible our packaging is made from sustainable, biodegradable or recycled materials and we minimise waste and use of packaging material. Our business is based on the Cradle to Cradle and SOETE principles:

S = sustainable farming practices
O = organic or wild-crafted 100% active ingredients
E = ethical trading
T = transparent business practices
E = empowering you, humanity, the earth and animal kingdom.

We became artisan chocolate makers to combine our knowledge and produce delicious, nutritious and healthy food, in a sustainable way that considers the environment. Our vision is to work with more organic farming communities around the world and make more products available to conscious consumers in Australia.


Letitia x