Welcome to Andersen Cacao Creations – gourmet raw organic chocolates in Western Australia.

Our 75 % real organic chocolate products are made from cacao powder, cacao butter and agave syrup.  That’s it. The way Andersen Cacao Creations chocolates are processed means that all the nutrition from the cacao is still there. Guilt free chocolate. This is what we love – that you can indulge in healthy chocolate and still get all the maximum nutritional benefits of the cacao for your body and mind.

Just a quick overview of our company’s profile and the products that will be awaiting you shortly:

  • boxes of individual chocolates (raw, organic, dairy-free )
  • raw chocolate spreads in plain or ABC(almond, brazil and cashew nuts) or with Sandalwood nut.
  • Organic drinking chocolate.
  • Raw organic cacao powder and raw organic cacao butter.
  • Learn how to make your own raw organic chocolates – we run chocolate workshops and workshop for events / social-events for companies.

All our chocolate products is made from certified organic ingredients and is hand crafted . You will find us in Fremantle, Western Australia.

For any queries, orders or wholesale inquiries (chefs/caterers/businesses) please feel welcomed to contact us by emailing contact@andersencacao.com.au or call us on 0419235994

Thank you

Karoline and Allan

David Wolfe U tube,explain the benefits of cacao